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Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st

This is probably my most favorite month of the year as it as most of the best things in my life happen in the month.

I gave birth to my daughter in this month 23 years ago, and also married my best friend 25 years ago.

This is going to be a great year!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My prayer gardens

I have a lot of prayer gardens in my yard and home. Its amazing after a while how these gardens do take on the personality of who I'm praying for.

For example, my inside my home are plants of people I know personally, and have named each plant by their name.  Over the last few years they truly have taken on the personality of the person I've been praying for.  Recently I was moving one that was getting filtered light and thought it was slow growing.  When I picked it up to move it I found that in the darkness it had grown twice as much but I've seen this plant stand tall, not dropping.  It gave me a new perspective in praying for this person.

Another time I had a Ivy that was growing rapidly and I was going to move it so it could spread out a little more in another location.  Being on a bookshelf I hadn't noticed that one of the ivy stems had merged in a book and was rooting in the book!

Another time I had moved a plant as I felt the Lord tell me there was a story with it.  I moved it outdoors and it started to die and so I moved it back in, and had placed a vine in with it that I connect other plants to as well.  Within a year that person had moved to another climate and realized she needed to be home and have the connection of others to survive.  God has showed me how this journey now created a new person in her and the vine is spreading inside the pot as well as beyond.

My outdoor prayer gardens are my African Prayer garden, The Church of Brookings Prayer garden and also my herb garden is from my Selah prayer group and other personal Bible studies I've belonged to.

I'll post pics of my gardens later. Its Fall and things are starting to turn for the next season which is a lesson in its own.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

When a lie becomes a part of a lifestyle

Think about it.  Are you keeping family secret?  Have you been holding your tongue to not rock the boat when you have a conversation with someone and they totally change their answer when someone else enters the room?  Are you having to change things that you are comfortable with in order to not let the lie be exposed?

When we lie or someone lies to us it alters so much in our lives.  It takes away a freedom that we have and the freedom the other person has as well.  We end up forming false impressions of people and then wonder why we are resentful when we don't get the response we think we should.

I learned through a speaker that when someone has hurt you with a lie, you need to save face with them.  To protect them.  However there are times when we just need to pray that it gets exposed because we are tired of having to work out what was said to us to begin with.

I'm going to be writing more on this topic in the later weeks.  Its something that needs to be addressed if we are to walk fully in the footsteps of Christ.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Open Doors

I'm in an online school and learning more about prayer.  As I've been putting to practice what I learn about seeking the Father's heart, I am seeing doors open and things I was not aware of that had developed over the years due to habits of the flesh so to speak.

When lives mold together in marriage and into a family there are things that come with it.  There is advice from both sides of the family that you can take with you or toss it out to curb.  Sometimes we aren't aware of what we can and can not toss out.   And it may take years.

It doesn't mean that relationships are severed because we have to toss out stuff that we've grown up with.  Each relationship is actually a journey and on a journey you pick and choose what to take that fits the journey.

Sometimes there is added weight because you are feeling like you are carrying a load of bricks with you.  But as you learn to seek the heart of the Father, the bricks begin to crumble.  Things that people remember from years as you were growing up, begin to fade as they see you mature.

We have to search for what doors to open because relationships are fragile.  We are built on so many things of the past that have shaped us. When we realized how many times the doors we've open and the landings that we have stood on actually are not solid we learn we have two directions to choose, either to another door and another landing that isn't as stable or one that with each step you take after you enter the room will show its stability to carry us to the next level.  The latter is the one that will take work because it means to let go of the instability we've held on to. When we realize that the things that we've been doing doesn't work we need to change. That's when you will know which direction to take.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wandering mind

Been having a lot of thoughts today as I'm reading friends posts on Fb.

As I look there is a common thread with complaints of single moms and single women all looking for the same thing.  They want a relationship that is secure and stable and one where the man will take the responsibility to take care of them.

In some cases the answer is simple.  Watch who you attract.  If you want a relationship, be picky and don't let you emotions override what you want.

Do some things to improve yourself.  Take a class if you can on something you enjoy and then if you have children, include them.  Learning something will generally keep the dead beats away.

I know I'm being really opinionated today but when I do have a reference for this that will remain unnamed to protect their identity.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Journey

It may not be a new one, but still more of learning to seek His Heart.  I'm coming off of one where for the past six weeks I've been trusting God in something, learning to walk on water so to speak and keeping my eyes on Jesus and walking in His footsteps across the wide body of water. 

In it I learned so much and so many doors have opened because of learning to trust Him.  Things over the past few decades that have been harboring my soul have been lifted mainly what was considered guilt and condemnation that I had buried deep had been removed and I've been learning to replace that with feeling of trust and regenerating feelings that were shoved out due to insecurities. 

I'm in a study mode, and also making changing in my life style to better my health and life.  (I will start adding things on my biggermess.blogspot.com blog that I'm doing in that area.

This however is the blog about my spiritual journey in seeking the heart of God.  I'm in an online bible study http://onlineschoolofprayer.webs.com/ and learning more about being a prayer warrior. 

A few months ago I heard in my spirit that my assignment was to be a pray warrior for the thing of the church, in other words a Maid of Honor to the Bride so to speak (there are several in the category).  This study is helping me in learning how to pray God's heart for His Bride.  There are so many things He desires for Her!

Something that was said to me recently was that  some don't hear God like I do.  God talks to us all the time.  At a conference a year or so ago I felt as if God had been saying the same things over and over again over our lives and yet we only get bits and pieces of it because we are not at a level to comprehend it fully.  Like an infant who as they grow first crawls then walks and continues to learn new things as they continue on with their curiosity.  Its the same with us.  The more we learn and get closer to Him the more He will reveal to us.  He talks to us all the time.  We just are learning how to listen! 

We are each made in His image, and keep in mind His image is many facets, which means that the way am seeking His heart may not work for you.  God has so many different personalities that it makes since that what one does to seek His heart won't work for others. 

Its like when my daughter gives gift to her dad she knows what will bless her father's heart.  For me she knows what will bless mine.  God is the same way. 

This is a short version of what I've learned in the past six weeks.  But God is good.  And I'll share more.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The wedding dinner will be ready soon

Come, I'm inviting you to a feast!  You are welcome to come into my House, sit and talk with others that reside here, however I have House rules you must follow in order to enter into my Dining Room.  You may come as you are and you can choose to shower in your own home, but your shower is not not going to remove all the dirt off of you that will keep my Dining Room spotless.  I have a special Powder Room for you to clean up in and also new clothes for you to wear.

You are welcome to move about my House, but I've set up my House Rules for a reason.  I will not let them be defiled again. That's why I put in the Powder Room that I did.  It was a hard decision as it required the work of My Son to install it, but I'm glad I did.  I want a relationship with you and as you can see I have that relationship with others through out My House because they have prepared themselves by following the House Rules. 

Once I open the doors to my Dining room, I can't let you in as you are. This is as far as you can go.  You have to accept what I've written as My House Rules in order to enter.

You say that I don't love you if I don't change them.  Or you take out of My House rules to comply to your own way of thinking, doesn't change what I've already written.  They are My rules and they are written on My Heart and the hearts of those that choose to follow them. They have hidden them in their hearts once they have entered into the Powder Room. 

Soon I will open the doors to the Dining Room but I will then have to ask you to leave if you don't choose to abide by My House Rules.  Its the way I've declared it to be. You have a decison to make.  If you abide by My House Rules you may enter in and abide with Me because you know My heart.  If you choose not to abide by My House Rules, the things of the Dining Room if I let you in as you are now with out taking a shower in My Powder Room, you will defile all that I have prepared for those that have followed My House Rules and what good will they be?

I can let you in to My House as you are, but I can't let you in my Dining Room  until you wash in My Powder Room.  As much as it pains me do make this declaration, I must.  But make your decision soon as I will be opening the doors soon, and I want you to join me.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

God's temple is us on earth as it is in Heaven-Kingdom thinking

‎1 Corinthians 6:19-20 KJV

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a PRICE: THEREFORE glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which ARE God's.

Why do we forget this?  I don't mean this in the manner of eating and being healthy which that is also another aspect of letting God use our bodies.

But we neglect to keep it a Holy place for Him when we use it for things of the world.    When we rely on relationships that are more of a physical nature outside of the boundries of what God intended in His word, we are not living under Kingdom principles as we may think, even though we are trusting in Him.

He wants what He is residing in to be kept pure and Holy for His purpose.  We have been bought with a price of Christ's death on a Cross.  The things of the world can not partake of our bodies when we are asking Christ to reside in us.  It isn't going  happen.

God created us for His pleasure and for His fellowship.  To put it bluntly keep in mind that when satan was trying to give Christ the kingdom of earth, it was only in his hands until Christ took it from him at His resurrection.  satan is decieving us into thinking he still has it, but Christ took it over.   Therefore, its is in Christ's hands not satans.  However, when we sin we have turned our backs on Christ and what He has done for us.  Our bodies can not live in the Kingdom of Heaven with sin on its heart.   We are the ones that make the choice to reign with God and fellowship with Him fully with all we have of ourselves as a pure spotless bride.

And to be a pure spotless Bride we need to keep our bodies pure for Him, and live under the guidlines of His Word, as they are written as a guide in living  in the Kingdom.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things that happen while learning to walk in Kingdom pathways

For the past three years our church has been going through Wellsprings Ministries out of Anchorage Ak.  Its a powerful teaching of breaking off strongholds in your life that some go back to even grade school where we've taken on things in our personalities like a passive agressive personality when we we not taught how react to the situation due to other circumstances. 

I have been working on changing this part of my personality for a long time.  Its tough when you start to realize that at times when you didn't have a strong voice to speak out when things were coming at you because of either how you were raised that you were seen and not heard or other things along the lines.  After I learned that I needed to fogive those that didn't let me speak out when I was hurt, scared or even times when I knew I was right in something but retreated, another part of me emerged.  I didn't know that what would emerge would now be a personality that would lash out when I was confronted. 

I am learning now to humble myself in apoligizing for those times that arise.  That's another Kingdom trait is humility. 

We are sometimes so sure that we have to be right all the time that we forget that humility gets us further in our journey then pride does.  Pride keeps us locked outside the gates where we see joy and love and all the other fruits of the Spirits that we desire, but we can't admit that we were wrong.

Humility unlocks the Gates of Heaven to let Love invite you in.  Pride will keep you outside of the gate.

Monday, March 4, 2013

What it means to be a Kingdom seeker

I'm a Kingdom seeker. 

I have always loved the whole idea of castles and kingdoms and how they work and in this journey have been learning how The Bible is a book on Kingdom. 

Its another one of those life long journeys that you get on and the more you seek what is in God's kingdom and what He established in Heaven is to also be on earth. 

When we come to know Christ, we have begun our own journey in seeking the Kingdom and discovering its lifestyle  of peace, joy, long suffering, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  Anything less then this is not Kingdom accessible. 

Have you ever noticed that when you do something out of the kindness of your heart for someone, it begins to spread?  That is true kingdom kindness.  Some may take advantage of the situation, and try to gossip and back stab you but one of the key rules of being in the Kingdom is to be dead to yourself.  Once you achieve this you conquered a great wall that hinders us from seeing into the Kingdom fully as to how the situation you are in is playing out in heaven.

In the Kingdom just doing one thing that is from the Fruits of the Holy Spirit can change an entire atmosphere. It lines up with the things in Heaven and it does play out here on earth.  However because of the things of this earth are not the things in Heaven, it takes time. But when you are obedient to what God calls you to do on earth, its taking place in Heaven. 

For example, restoring a relationship that has been broken.  On earth we have a tendency to do things our own way, looking out for ourselves and trying to do it all on our own.  However once you put the relationship into Heaven and build a altar to the Lord, the selfishness gets burned off and its restored in the Heaven.  It takes time on earth for it to be restored, but in Heaven its done and it is being completed on the earth.   We can see into Heaven what is taking place and because of the fruits that we are walking in it will be restored on the earth. 

Being a Kingdom seeker is all about faith.  That's how it works.  We have to walk in faith on the earth for things to manifest itself first in Heaven and to come down to earth. Because of the way we see things in other relationships that don't know how to seek the Kingdom we will tend to follow in their footsteps.  That's why we have to have faith and diligently seek the Kingdom through God's word.  God will show us what to do because He is about relationships. That's why God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins.  Because the things of this world that have entangled us have separated us from Him. Christ brought back to us the Kingdom lifestyle while He was walking the earth and gave us access when He took our sins with Him on the cross. His resurrection opened the doors for us to walk into Kingdom principles.

For more information on Kingdom check out Myles Munro videos as he talks about the Kingdom and its protocol.

Learn how to walk in Kingdom and be a Kingdom seeker.  Its a fun place to explore! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another wake up call

2013 started out with making some new changes in my relationship with my husband and also in learning to accept the person that he sees and as God sees.

Earlier this week,while I was doing something I felt this yearning to think back to high school when there were things I would do like others my age in as far as dressing and make up and such.  I remember how self-conscience I was during that time because I felt I would never be able to stand up to the mocking and such as I was learning. 

This week God showed me that it was my right as a young woman to take care of the person that He created.  I had fought for years because I had taken on the things that were said that make up wouldn't help that the ways I was taking care of who I was then I laid aside. 

Over the years I still kept fighting a healthy lifestyle because in the back of my mind I felt "what did it matter?"  I didn't know that it was still something that I was fighting in me for most of my life. 

I have seen that God is waking me up to rise up to be the woman He created.  That even though the teen years were just that, teen years.  It truly doesn't declare or decree the person that God had created in me.  Not that I hung on to those things, but it had been going since that time and buried deep into my inner being.

Working with DAG and  Days for Girls and the things we are teaching the young girls to be women of purpose for God and for their country I've been more aware how this area if my life is changing.  Its a good change.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Keep the weeds of the world out of your Heavenly Garden

I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks as I've been trying to get my garden ready for planting this year. 

My garden is a learning experience and a great devotional tool. 

The other day my husband and I were discussing how to get the weeds taken care of in the main back yard and  are around the garden bed.  When the wind blows, the seeds from the weeds blow in the garden, so that even if I used black fabric or trash bags in my garden bed, it wouldn't work as the weeds around the garden  would still transfer if they weren't taken care of first.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Fawn spoke on how a word that our church has for this coming year is  "reformation" and there will be a separation of those that give their all to Christ or not. 

The two worlds are being more divided then ever.

I know several people who claim "Christianity" yet their lives and sometimes their posts on Fb are far cry from what Christ's example is of Christianity. 

When you choose to accept Christ as your Savior it means that you are letting Him take complete control of you.  He has begun to dig out that which is in you that does not portray Himself.  If we don't start accepting that what He is trying to do, when the winds of God begin to blow, the weeds will begin to put back that which Christ has started to dig out and Christ can't live with that He has removed when He rose from the grave. 

Christ can not live in both worlds.  He's called us to be hidden in Him.  We are taken out of this world when we accept and believe and trust in Him.  We have to live in this world we just don't do what the world is doing because then  we are just planting weeds where Christ abides.  Christ gives us all we need to make His Garden lovely when we chose to trust in Him alone and be hidden in Him.  Galatians 5 talks a lot about how to live in Christian Liberty in Him while living in the world. We are not to be of the world when we accept Christ. 

When we chose to believe in Him we breath in Him.  His life is manifested through the breath of God and we live and breath all that He is when we trust in Him alone. We can't let the things of the world work its way in us and say and do things that are displeasing to God.