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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Open Doors

I'm in an online school and learning more about prayer.  As I've been putting to practice what I learn about seeking the Father's heart, I am seeing doors open and things I was not aware of that had developed over the years due to habits of the flesh so to speak.

When lives mold together in marriage and into a family there are things that come with it.  There is advice from both sides of the family that you can take with you or toss it out to curb.  Sometimes we aren't aware of what we can and can not toss out.   And it may take years.

It doesn't mean that relationships are severed because we have to toss out stuff that we've grown up with.  Each relationship is actually a journey and on a journey you pick and choose what to take that fits the journey.

Sometimes there is added weight because you are feeling like you are carrying a load of bricks with you.  But as you learn to seek the heart of the Father, the bricks begin to crumble.  Things that people remember from years as you were growing up, begin to fade as they see you mature.

We have to search for what doors to open because relationships are fragile.  We are built on so many things of the past that have shaped us. When we realized how many times the doors we've open and the landings that we have stood on actually are not solid we learn we have two directions to choose, either to another door and another landing that isn't as stable or one that with each step you take after you enter the room will show its stability to carry us to the next level.  The latter is the one that will take work because it means to let go of the instability we've held on to. When we realize that the things that we've been doing doesn't work we need to change. That's when you will know which direction to take.

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