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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


About 7 months ago our church went through a change. Our pastor resigned and we all felt as if we lost our best friend. It was a bittersweet journey that I hope to never take again. Through the interm time I chose to take the time off to be a church drop out.  I discovered it was a good thing.

During that time I followed the blog posts of Praying Medic, Jesse Birkley, Jeremy Mangercine and others while I learned more about walking the earth using Kingdom techniques. I also enjoyed the quiet Sunday mornings with my husband.

We have a new pastor now and he's cleaning house and has been hitting out of the ball park with his teachings,  bringing us back to unity and seeking the heart of God.

Seasons are needed for growth. We need them no matter how hard they are going to be whether we think they are right or not. Sometimes we get in a rut and have to be broken so we can be more used by God for His purpose.

My sour pit that came on the day our pastor resigned is slowly dissolving. It will take time as for nine years I was finally home. I could be the me God wanted me to be with no holds barred and "be bold".

I wasn't sure what lay ahead but I knew that where Pastor D left off that the new pastor would take up the mantle that was dropped. Basically a modern Elijah and Elisha.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Processing stage in life

For years when were doing paycheck to paycheck (we still are but there's been some wiggle room) I would get in the habit of mapping out my driving time for gas savings, and in the last four or five really cutting back on the process foods and going more healthy.

I've been trying to do a garden by using what we had and even this year saving seeds from vegetables I got from the farmers market which this year I went overboard and had get another container.

A couple of years ago I bought a pressure canner to process my vegetables and meats and soups. Granted my canning results are organized in boxes but are all over the house.

I realized that we are in a processing stage spiritually as well. Things are changing as we get older and there things that may have worked 26 years ago but don't work now.

I look back at who I was about 6 years ago and I can't believe I felt like I did then. It was a process to get here and I'm still growing. Like the pressure canner there are things that have to pressurize in our lives before we can see through the steam and see clearly.

When we make judgements on people from other experiences we've gone through we limit not only the event but the people involved. Steam builds up and we can't see the hearts of the people.

Sometimes when I take the jars out of the pressure canner it's still boiling and and when you hear the seal pop then it's ready to be stored for several months.

When it's time to open the jar and pop the seal open is when you know what happened in the pressure time. If what you made stinks to high heavens you know that it was not processed properly. Maybe the produce was bad to begin with and how you put it together made it worse. Maybe it didn't seal properly and bacteria got in it or the jar and lid weren't cleaned like it should be.

The above statement can work with us as well. We deal with so much on a daily basis it's amazingly that we don't want to go bury ourselves in the sand and call it quits.

But it's how we process the events that makes the difference. Or what we putting into our day(jar) good and fresh? Is our jar clean with positive thoughts to hold the freshness of the day? Sometimes the things we say or the things we do along the day can damage the produce.

It may be that the things you go through today may not be used until weeks later. You want to make sure that it's sealed properly so when you need it it will be fresh to use.

My musing thoughts this morning.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This quote blessed mr this morning. Too many times we give up or thing God has given up. Learning to understand His Sovereignty.

Release yourself from the stigma of past failures and disappointments.  Refuse to see those things as being an embarrassment to you.  But, think of all things--difficult or not--as opportunities to see spiritual reality, to learn valuable lessons, and to know Me better, says the Lord.  Nothing is wasted in My Kingdom.  Everything that you encounter serves a purpose.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Monday, January 12, 2015

developing Eagles eyes

Hard to believe it's been a year since I posted!

Life is a wonderful journey full of ups and downs but when your goal is to walk in the steps of the Father anything can happen.

I had a full circle event a few weeks ago.

It started in 2009 when I was going to purchase a guitar. I had saved up bonuses from work and was ready to buy one. My friend Kim went with me to Medford and I had one picked out. I decided I would purchase it on my way home back to Brookings the next day.

Sunday morning we were at a church in Rogue River where pastor Donaldson gave a sermon on giving More. God was speaking to me to give to the house of prayer they were opening. So I gave my bonuses.

I retuned home with no guitar but blessed that I have to something that was close to my heart.

A week later I woke up to having shingles in my right eye. We spent the next several weeks in and out of doctors offices and pharmacies. Couldn't see for three weeks as while my right eye was closed due to shingles my left never stays open by itself.
During my time of solitude I spent many hours in the presence of God and had a vision of being an eagle flying over Petra. I had wanted to see inside the houses built in the rock as people were milling around the city, but God told me that my eyes were not ready.

Five and a half years later: I finally bought a guitar. The very day I sprain my left wrist leaving me with again having to be immobile for a few days as in left handed and could do anything!

For Christmas I went to my daughter's church and the service was as if God was telling my story as I listened to the speaker and also the minister talk about their prayer house! Later the speaker spoke about eagle eyes and I knew I now had them.

When I can I'm changing the name of the blog to "developingeagleeyes" as I see this a a new leg in my journey. I'm excited to see what is going to happen!