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Monday, April 18, 2011

As I walk in this journey....

Over the last few weeks I've been struggling with some issues. I don't believe that God can withhold from His children if their hearts are in line with Him. Things of our past have become rooted and they need to be uprooted to have Christ rooted inside us. We can't serve two masters. However there are habits that cannot be easily broken in some as it can in others.

We have two directions we can take because we serve a God who has given us free will. We can say that we know Him and continue to follow down the road we've been following, but even though He's a God of free will, there are consquences for... our actions and it does lead to daath if we don't turn away.

I've never said that a person who is living a sinful defiant life is going to go to heaven. God is clear about that. However when I say that He knows our hearts, He knows which direction we are really going, and what road we are taking.

I believe that because there are reasons for our actions, and those reasons can be rooted so deep that it would take a lifetime to get to the bottom of it, If the heart is willing to break the strongholds off, God honors the work they are doing.

It goes back to the workers in the field that have worked all day and in the last hour more were hired and got the same pay as the ones who had worked the fields during the day. God gave them each worker the same wages, no matter how long they had worked.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I believe about our relationship in Jesus Christ

When you accept Christ as your Savior and commit to follow Him and what He calls you to do, that is a relationship between you and the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.

We are living a life that honors Him.

Its like in a family.  We live a life that honors our parents and the values they've set for us.  If we want away from that, dishonoring them, a wise parent will not disown their children.  However, if the child doesn't repent and come back under the family guidelines, when it comes time to the will they may be disinherited. 

When my daughter was growing up, we worked on getting her to understand that there was a time limit to get something done.  When the time was up if there was no effort in doing what she was told, she suffer consequences.  However, if we saw that she was making a effort to get everything in order by the time it was to be done, we were lax in it and let her finish after the time limit was over.

When I say that God looks at the heart, He looking to see if you are working on breaking that which is holding you back from a complete relationship with Him.  His time is up when His tells Jesus to bring His children home.

I think there are strongholds that are so deep in a person that they can't break it overnight or at the time of a decision for Christ.  It may take a long time to break it.  However, if you just decided it can't be broken and continue living your life like you did before, you are lost,  You have to give it to God.  He knows your heart and when you give it to Him He will guide you to breaking that stronghold.  If you fall, you need to repent and get back on track.  He states that in 1 John 1:9.

"Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart". 1 Samuel 16:7b. We aren't to judge or condemn the person for being in the stronghold when it hasn't left.  We are to encourage them out of it.  We are to help them through it Galatians 6:1,  God doesn't condemn His children,  He convicts them to do the right thing.

Friday, April 15, 2011

One of my references for the next few months

I'll be refering to "Biblical Foundations of Freedom", "Changing our unbelief", and "In His Image" by Art Mathias and also others from books I'm reading for the next several weeks.  Plus the Bible as my main reference. 

So if you want to follow along, you can purchase these books at Amazon.com.  Art Mathias is the founder of WellSprings Ministries in Anchorage Alaska.

His website is http://www.akwellspring.com/

I've liked studying over the years about how eating more balanced meals help with our health and well being, and how our emotions and feelings towards tramatic events also trigger those health issues.  I've more or less dabbled in understanding it and until this last bible study did I get a clearer picture. 

I still haven't found any Christian studies done on the healing of herbs and such for illnesses like they use in India.  I do believe that God had a purpose in the begining with all that He created included plants and herbs to help keep us fit, and even with the way we are made where some body types are more in tune with one type then another of nutrients like they have in the Indian Culture of Pitta, Kapha, and Vata doshas.  

Not to get mystical in my thinking except for about Christ and His plan, but like I said I believe that God had things in order, and satan distorted it in areas and we need to set it back in order and give the Glory to God for His creation.  His plan is in His word, we just have to study it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rejection and its power pt 2

According to Art Mathias's book "The biblical foundation of freedom", there are four levels of rejection.

1) The fear of rejection-
2) Self-rejection
3) Rejecting others
4) desire of rejection

I think we have all felt a form of one of these at one time or another, and there are those who are deep in all four of them. 

The biggest lie that we as women have been told is that we have to be a certain way for a man to really love us.  We set ourselves up for rejection when we decided to not trust a man for something he did to hurt us, and we take it to another level and decide to not trust any man what so ever.  This gets transferred on to our daughters and even to sons who are in the picture take on a self rejection. 

Its a tangled web that is woven when we put up a wall because we've been hurt. 

Rejection is a tool from satan to cause us to take our eyes off of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.   We live in fear that someone is going to hurt us if we go out and try to teach a Sunday school class or volunteer in some capacity in the church. 

But remember, Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith.  He takes care of the rejection because He took on the rejection that we've felt in ourselves. 

Isaiah 54:3 "Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of they habitations, spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes, for those shall  break forth on the right hand and on the left.  And thy seed shall inherit the gentiles and make the desolate cities to be inhabited."  

Rejection causes us to run away from everything around us and to hide in our homes and away from the outside world.  We can spend hours doing menial  things that in actually benefit no one but ourselves.    God wants us to enlarge who we are because in we are His creation.  We have work to do for Him.

So today, what are you going to do?  God has been calling you to get out and work for Him, not for yourself.  He will provide for you, despite those that want to hurt you.  Break off the stronghold of rejection that you have been believing and walking in for so long and let the freedom of Christ fill you. 

Rejection and its power

This topic may be a while to go through.

I have a good number of friends.  We talk and laugh, cry and share our joys and sorrows together.

However, as my friendships develop, I find a common thread that really needs to be broken in several of them.  Its called rejection.  And it has twisted its way into the hearts of women in ways that are so subtle that we aren't even aware that we are doing it.

I believe its a generational thing.  It gets passed down from one generation to another for no real reason until someone is so afraid to even talk to anyone that has said something to cause fear in them that they became recluse because the world outside is frightful. 

I'm talking about also of trying to be better then the "Jones".  Of not wanting to let anyone near you or your home because they might judge how you live.   Which that is a form of rejection where you are setting yourself up to be rejected while rejecting the person you don't want to have in your home and putting a label on them.  The label may have come also from a generation before you.

The opposite side of the spectrum is not wanting you or your family around situations that as your children grow up will have to face as adults.  Instead we are teaching them to begin to judge on the outside before they can see the pain on the inside.

As time goes on, I am finding more and more that rejection causes passivity.  We became passive in our actions, not wanting to reach out to anyone, for help or to help.  We are good at watching what goes on around us, but don't want to get involved becuase its not any of our business.  When its a child being abused, a neighbor's home that is being robbed, its our business!  Why continue passing on rejection?

With rejection comes pride.  As long as we have the blinders on our eyes to what the pain is on the inside,  we don't have to do anything about it.

I believe that rejection is the strongest in women in many different forms and like I said I don't think we are aware of how deep that rejection is within ourselves.

I'll talk about that more in my next blog entry.

But today, you can break that rejection off of you.  Fist of all, think of someone that has hurt you.  They may not know that they have, so don't apoligize to them for it yet, but do something for them.  bake a cake, find a book that is of common interest to both of you so you can have a common ground to restart a friendship.  By doing this, you are reducing the passivity in your heart and the pride, and also doing the same in the other person because since rejection is a big thing, they've been feeling it also.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When you walk side by side with Him

I'm not sure how I had lived on this thought for so long: That God's love was limited to what I was doing for Him.  That once my day started, if I sinned or made a mistake, I was done for the rest of the day trying to make up for what I had done.

In the last year, I've been slowly breaking off this false line of thinking, that my days were doomed because of a mistake I made or a sin I committed.  I even quoted 1 John 1:9 believing it for others, but not myself.

I can't tell you when my thought pattern changed, I just know it did.  I plan now  that my day is going to be a good day, no matter what happens.  I don't have to walk in knowing that because it didn't start out the way I would have liked, that I have to live in the guilt and shame, because as the day went on, living like that, I continued to do things that fit the manner of the early event.

That's because He is walking with me, my steps are along side His, and some days He's carrying me through my circumstances as I can't seem to walk them on my own.  They journey He and I are on, continues because its one I've chosen to walk.

When we choose to let the events around us direct our path, we will go it alone eventually.  Pride creates its own path. No one wants to walk with a prideful person as that would mean a companion and a helper and they have their own path of pride to encounter.  

When satan's fiery darts start flying, they can't touch you, as you're in the shelter of the High Place, in the Shadow of the Almighty.  You've drenched yourself in His word so you know every step He will take and you and He walk together.   Weapons may be formed to take you down, but they won't be used. 

I love 2 Chr where the 3 armies go to fight the Israelites, and they stand alongside the mountain top looking in the valley where the 3 armies are preparing to fight, and instead of going into battle, they sing.  And the 3 armies annihilate themselves!  The best part, the Israelites got all the stuff the kings had brought with them and it took three days to gather it up!

Walking with Him is a win-win.  Why are you denying it?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

praise Him in the down times

Somewhere in my life when I was taught that "When you serve God you will deal with trial and tribulations", we were taught that when those trials and tribulations come that they don't leave with out prayer and fasting.

True. But we've taken the wrong stance on this thought. When we fast and pray, we need to do so in the manner of praising God for Who He is and for what He is doing. When those trials come, we need to learn that He's buiding up something better because we served Him.

We seemed to have missed that point in when He wants to bless us, He don't give us a stone instead of bread when we are hungry. Yes bad things will happed as rain falls on the just and the unjust. When it does fall, we need to praise Him as rain when it falls brings in new growth, bring life to that which was dead. We don't have to wallow in our sorrow and hand our head low. We need to raise it up and see that our redemption draws nigh!

When your rent is due and all you have is two potatoes in the cupboard and no butter or sour cream, praise Him that you have a two potatoes in the cupboard. Dig a hole and bury one so it will sprout and produce more potatoes. Because you've paid the rent, and you have another month in your house! Eat the other one!

I love it in Amiee's book when her husband took his fishing pole to go get dinner for that evening and Amiee told him that God would provide a meal for them becuase they were in the service of the King. Her husband came back empty handed, and Amiee had a feast on the table. God provides for His people. He knows our every need when we need it. When trouble comes, raise your hands and your head and tell Him thank you for the blessings He is about to bestow on you. He will.

By the way, I'll share God sense of humor:

I've stated before that I am trusting Him even if my cupboard is bared down to a bottle of oil and flour. One day a friend handed me a bag. She didn't know what I was declaring, and when I opened the bag, I had a large bottle of oil and a bag of oats. I laughed because God knows I make flour out of oats!

He loves us unconditionally. And we we chose to let the circumstances lead us to make decisions over what He has planned for us, we make it conditional on our own. We've changed the dynamics, He hasn't. He stays the same.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The vastness of God-Watch what you do

In reading the book about Aimee Semple McPherson, the founder of the Foursquare movement, I had mixed feelings about her life and they were due to how I was brought up myself. As I read further along, I find a woman who loved the Lord with all her heart and a desire to serve Him no matter what. She had a relationship with God.

The skepticism of her life came from actions she did out of a human nature. She had conversations with a married man over an intercom in her office which caused a stir with her employees and her mother. I believe it was out of loneliness that this occurred as she had no friendships in the ministry that she could confide in. Later the man left his position at the radio station and also abandoned his own family. (in our world today it would be as if we sent a text message to someone and was more personal then we needed to be).

She was kidnapped, by whom no one knows, only speculation that the Mob was involved. But from her actions with her co worker, a trial with a grand jury and other legal events took place from accusations that she had spent the three weeks that people thought she had drowned and said she was kidnapped that she had been having an affair with the man she had had conversations with over the intercom. She wasn't. There were reports of a lady claiming it was her sister that was having the affair with the man but she had recanted her testimony when Aimee and her mother refused to pay her. Then before the trial began the woman changed her testimony once again and Aimee and her mother were free.

We have to watch what we do. We seem to always say that it doesn't matter what you do, be yourself and the like even in the Christian community, yet we forget about stumbling blocks that can occur and snares that come about. We don't know who's watching or who's listening and 9 times out 10 they will get it wrong anyway.

Along the same lines we have to make sure we follow God's plan that He has for us, and do what He's called us to do in the manner He's called us.

God being the ultimate planner of all things, being the Creator that He is, if He has set a goal for us to acquire it is our job to finish the goal. When we side track from it and the time had come upon us to join others in the goal, we may not be ready as those that had done exactly what God called them to do. It does sound like the virgins with no oil in their lamp at the time the bridegroom came. Without the lamps lighting the way, the bridegroom is not able to find the way to his bride's home.
However, being the gracious God He is He could hold us back until we are ready and and not having to struggle to keep up.

I brought up two different points, but in actuality they do merge. We have to watch how we handle ourselves being in the service of our King. Even though we walk in freedom, it doesn't mean that we can also do things that are a stumbling block to those that are walking beside us. We have to be accountable to what we say and do. Even if others get it wrong and like the drama and pursue other avenues then the truth such as with Amiee, we don't need to go through trials we've caused ourselves.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Continuing in the vastness of God-

Something that a friend told a group of us years ago and she still says it today "Lord don't let me be decieved and don't let me be a deciever. When I say I am truely in awe of how our God works I really mean it. I have watched people who have walked in deception for many years and yet God' grace and mercy keeps them from stumbling until the time comes that they realized the truth that has set them free from the bondage. They lived and believed the lie that was told through out generations, or even a misconception that has continued for years and lived a life around it.

A funny story that I heard was a lady at thanksgiving got out her roasting pan to cook Christmas dinner. While talking with the other women in the family, she cut off about 2 inches of the ham and put it in the oversized roasting pan. One of the women asked her why she did that. "My mother did it". As the story goes on, the lady decided to find out for what reason her mother had cut off exactly 2 inches off the end of the ham. She discovered her grandmother had done the same thing. When she finally found out the source, she laughed. Someone's roasting pan was too small for the ham they had and the cut of exactly 2 inches off the end so it would fit! Back between Genesis Chapter 1:1-2 Isaiah 14:12-21 occured. Lucifer was the highest Cheribum, the one that was in charge of worship in the Heavens. In Isaiah 14:12-21he lost his job because of pride. He is a deciever and he wants to make sure we are living in deception. He doesn't care about those already walking in it, because he's got them in his snare. The times he panics, is when praying Believers begin to praise and begin to pray for the lost and name them specifically. Then he starts to squirm because he knows God will win.

When we begin to see that God loves us unconditionally compared to what satan (his name changed when he got kicked out of heaven) tells us that we are loved limitly, because he captilizes on the sinner worth not on the redeemed life, we begin to take off the lies and deception and begin to live in freedom. We begin to live for Him and not in the fear of hurting a family name because the family name is nothing compared to the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is total freedom. He came to redeem those that were lost, and living a life of sin, being decieved by a deciever and continued to live in the deception and decieving others. He shed his blood on the cross so that we could have a true relationship with a God who loves us with no boundaries, and when we sin we can go to Him and confess our sins and ask for forgiveness because He does forgive. He brings newness in life, even when we have to clean up the mess we made living a life of deception. He brings a way out when His truth is revealed so healing can begin, not so pain can continue. He is a healing balm.

Another friend told me to read Psalm 91 this year as I go on this prayer journey, because when you develop a communication line with the Father, sometimes you need to be reminded that while you are in the secret place of the Most High you are abiding in the shadow of the Almighty. He protects us from the snare of the fowler, and covers us with His feathers. In Mal 4 there's healing in His wings for the hurts and pains that we've endured because of satan's deception. You will trample the wicked with praises to the King and they will be ashes under your feet.

Its His promise in His word, and His word does not lie.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The vastness of our God

In conversations over the last several days, I've taken a stand on some things. I don't think that God causes earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters to use for wrath. I believe that when the world was created, all those that are deemed natural diasters were planned and as time goes on, they were to increase as it states in the New Testament several times. God set in motion every thing at the time of Creation. That's my predestination view.
Now on the other side. While natural disasters were created long ago and planned out, the same God directs at a single moment the movements of the humans that he created as He gave them free choice. Events that occur through the sinful nature that we first acquired at birth, and then given the option to leave at the foot of the Cross are those that may have evolved through generation to generation or through just a single day's event that caused catastrophic issues, not natural born.

That is the vastness of our God. He is a planner, knows the very day you were born, but also lives in the moment of the very action you participate in. He knows all, sees all, and knows how we will react at any given moment to any situation.

When we choose to walk in His steps, in His plan, we walk in freedom. True we walk through some narrow roads, deal with people who choose to not to know Him as we do on a daily basis. But that's the free will part of His plan. He's not going to force someone to have a relationship with Him. That's not His nature.

Yes, I'm rather grounded. I have to work things out to understand them a little better. Watch out for my next post as it may go deeper as I ponder on these things a little longer.