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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Well done Kim!"

Kim Clement passed away this morning.

I'm sure I'm going to get lost in the borage of blogposts, fb statuses and Twitter concerning this and I actually hope I do.

Kim was an awesome man of God. He served God whole heartedly in all he did. Like many prophets that have graduated before him such as Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson he leaves a hole in the Church community.  And the rest of the world for that matter.

He spoke his prophetic words through song and people mocked him if they didn't come to pass when they thought it should.

There were two words he gave and as most if not all were scripturally based. One was “the hand of the deceiver” concerning Judas. He related it to our government and things that were hidden and are now being exposed, such as #pizzagate.

Concerning  the issue of #pizzagate, I have studied what happens to children being forced into trafficking for many years and there are such graphic events that those who are reporting (the no name reporters and news posts that the senerios are true even if we don't believe the players involved. We need to not throw out the baby with the bath water! Please read up on #pizza gate for what is going on with the children if not the people!

There is another word that about 8 years ago that Kim spoke concerning the exonerating of George Bush for is stand for Israel right before the inauguration of President Obama. The Christian community in an uproar that President Bush was not going to support Israel yet in a small blurb in a major newspaper at the last minute President did help Israel in his last  days in office.

When Kim spoke the presidents listened because it was about them. They knew he spoke the truth. He had a strong voice and would predict tsunamis earthquakes and such that if they didn't physically do damage then it was a spiritual event that truly rocked the world.

At this point you are wondering who this man is. You never heard of him or you shut him off like many other prophets because you don't walk in the prophetic as its too much of falling into the demonic if you did.  What Kim did in his lifetime will affect you in some manner because the world is not that big. He made an impact on many people around the world even if they didn't believe that he was a messenger of God.

Kim will be greatly missed. His mantle has been passed on and another with come up with greater fire then Kim had to bring down from Heaven the things of God.

Rip Kim Clement. And Thank you.

Friday, November 18, 2016

What are you doing now?

Does God really want our last thing on earth to resignation in heaven?

Are you following the doctrine of:

Don't go to a movie theater as if Christ comes when you are there He may pass you by or that last event will stay  with you through all eternity.

Watch what you read as the book will distort your mind and you don't want that when Christ comes.

Play only Christian music.

Don't let people know of your disability as it will cause them to lose faith in a healing God.

Your defying your body with that tattoo.

I really have to laugh.

The other day I got up, poured a cup of coffee and put it in the microwave to warm up. I set the time longer then it needed to be and when I took the cup out of the microwave holding it at the top I got a steam burn on my wrist, said “shit” and dropped to cup and broke it. ( the cup was a wedding gift of 28 years and that didn't help the sentimental side of me).

So my point is: if Christ came at that moment, would the word “shit” be resonating with me throughout eternity? I don't think so! I think I would still be dancing with the King and rejoicing at the moment. (For those who are still wondering yes I repented but that’s between God and me.)

So here’s my point: enjoy life we are in the world not of it doesn't mean we have to be so pompous that we exclude ourselves from friends and family because they are not believers.

I go to a martini bar because I like their bacon chicken tators. I drink a pina colada because I like it. We have to stop making ourselves out to being better then those we work with, enjoy our time with and the like. Granted we have freedom and we need to walk in it, not dragging it behind us like baggage when we think we messed up.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Being interchangable


I've been getting a word the last few days.

First it came up when blessing someone I forgot to start a washer. It worked out as there were two washing machines and I would save 15 minutes using the top loader. Interchangeable.

The second time was Thursday when I was getting ready to cook a chicken in the crockpot. The crock that I had for the one without the timer and putting it in the one with the timer. They were interchangeable.

Today starts a new season for Dale and I. We are interchanging from the old to the new to the next 28 years.

We stayed in Miranda California for the weekend and taking a backroad to Black Sand Beach back to 101 to take us home. We would have taken a road that took us the back way Ferndale, but we made a wrong turn that took us into Medicino county which is south of the direction we wanted to go. It’s interchangeable but gets us home.

On the way to Fortuna we saw a sign for a gem show in Eureka and stopped there. Had we gone the other way we might have missed it.

I am not apologizing if I ruffled a few feathers with my previous posts. We do need to wake up and start looking at things through the heart of the Father.

Back to interchanging: while we were on the wrong road going south, I was reminded of how far would Jesus go if we went off the beaten path? I know the Holy Spirit loves to hover in the dark places so I do wonder if when we’ve gone to far does Jesus say at a distance and watches as He guides us back to Jesus?

I love to minister to people. I am a Healer and learning more about walking in the prophetic. Normally when Dale and I go on a spontaneous weekend I do that. One of the towns we visit is very dark.  We went to a bead store there and had lunch. My hubby is very sensitive to when the Holy Spirit hovers in those places and it hit him this past weekend while we were there but we took the time for us to recharge on our anniversary and decided it wasn't the right time. But next time I plan to go and will minister as we will be prepared.

We stopped at a gem show and while I was picking up some stones and beads for a project I saw a pentagram with rocks at the points. I knew it's purpose and knew my authority in Christ and laid hands on the table where it was sitting. Later I prayed more fervently when we stopped at a rest area for that area and the gem stone. (Again read Micheal C.King’s book Gemstones from Heaven.

We all need to be interchangeable. The only thing that is not interchangeable is our salvation in Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday today and forever. We are the ones to change but know that there are areas that still will work but maybe a different element is needed

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Are we micromanaging God?

How do we micro manage God?

Take a look at a widow in your church.
Is she struggling to make ends meet on her social security? Does she need help around the house to keep things running smoothly for her? Is she okay with being on her own, cooking her meals ect?

What about an orphan? This person has no parents to lean on for advice and helping them through the decisions he needs to make to be able to be a productive member of society?

What about the calling your friend has to be a missionary? Are you helping them by any means possible to get them where they need to go?

If a group of people come up for prayer for heart disease. How many do you pray for to be healed?

If a person walks in the door of the church that has stolen from you, what do you do?

For most of these scenarios I left out a question that is just as important: do we have a criteria to stop helping those in need even if the circumstance has not presented itself for change?

How long should we pray for the dead to be raised? (See Michael C. King’s book “practical Keys to Raising the Dead).

Friday, November 4, 2016

Speak Life

Thwre are so many mindsets that we walk in the door of church with its no wonder that there are those standing in the doorway looking in with a look of fear on their face.

Several weeks ago I started wearing dresses to church as I'm going through a wieght loss journey (not now but several weeks ago!)

Anyway a lady approached me as a friend walked by wearing a pair of torn jeans and a sweat shirt. The lady looked at me and told me how proud she was that I dressed up and why was this generation lacking respect in God's house. I was floored and embarrassed for my friend. I changed the subject only because I didn't know what to say at the time as the lady was a guest in our church and luckily she doesn't remember that it was me that she called out in a room of about 10 people that I was not a believer in Christ and why was I there in the group?

So anyway, this thought bugged me as many others over the months since as to why we have to dress a certain way, talk a certain way and change our personality whrn we walk in the doors of a church?

There are times when I really wish I could stand up to this stuff especially when I know the journey the person has been on and they don't need this crap!

A friend one time was working at a casino and she has said how greatful she was to have a job and was put off by some people who felt she should look elsewhere. At the time I wanted to stand up and agree with her as I was meeting with friends in a winery to make dresses for girls to protect them from human trafficking! (I use the excuse of that the timing was off in the service for that but in honestly I'm still shy.

We have to stop judging those we fellowship with in Sunday and ignore the rest of the week. The happiest believers I've found have been those who sit in the darkest of areas where their friends are because they are admitting they have been there and are willing to walk with them to pull them out.

They speak life into the person and ressurected them from the death they are hanging on to.  

Thursday, November 3, 2016

This may be a little rough.....

I am on a tangent. I think this has been coming for a while.

I've shared about an event in June of 2015 where I put myself in time out from the church. I'm still there in some ways.

I learned a lot from why there is a group of church drop outs and why there is so much of it has to do with what the world calls hypocritical on our part and I really don't blame them.

In their world we serve a bipolar God. We claim we know Him when we really don't. We say we spend time with Him yet we are using that time to tell Him what we want rather then listening to His heart (which we claim to do).

In their world they see a bunch of people doing their own thing claiming God “told them” when it is totally against what He would do and against His nature.

We’ve kicked Jesus out of the church. So is it any wonder that the drop outs have “found Him” and are doing things outside the building? Yet the world can't accept Him In this manner without asking “what church do you belong to?” as where are they going to blame for our actions  as we are not in a building anymore?

As believers in Christ we are not perfect. Yet we decide what worship in on our level and what we will use that benefits us and not God. It's about God and only Him! So what if we spend two hours singing the same thing over and over again? The Angels are doing it 24/7 because there is no time in Heaven.

We’ve also kicked out the Holy Spirit from the church building as well. Talk about a bipolar personality, one minute He’s a gentleman and then next He’s got you on the floor unable to move a muscle but screaming from the top of you lungs “Holy Holy Holy!” Not to mention He’s breaking down the junk that has kept us entangled to not worship the Holy of Holies as we were meant to do.

This is church people! Our common denominator Jesus allowed Himself to shed His blood for us to rid of the junk that kept us from Seeking after God! And He conquered death, grabbed the keys from hell and restored mankind by conquering death that took place in the Garden in the beginning! When Christ ascended He gave use the Holy Spirit to comfort us to fill us to do the work of spreading the Good news and healing the sick and raising the dead.

We missed it when we started changing the plan and deciding what was “best” and using these three as a cornerstone that They never wanted.

We wonder why there is so much offense in the church and yet we continue to beat up the ones serving Him because they don't fit the criteria.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quick note on my book "The Father's Cabin"

I’m writing a book. Two points you should know:

1. It's an allegory of the church and it's issues. Yes the church has issues.
2. It's going to be rough as its going to pinch you a lot or it should punch you and wake you up.
3. It's a lot of what I have experienced myself and I can't be the only one.
4. The main plot is that Jesus Christ is the common denominator in the Church, yet we’ve kicked Him out of the building where  He’s the cornerstone.

You will find yourself laughing at several places because you will begin to see where you have placed Jesus in view of the doctrine and lifestyle you adapted to move away from the fears and such that have kept you from knowing Him.

It’s called “The Father's Cabin” and I am projecting late spring early summer of 2017 to be ready.