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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 21 of Daniel Fast

Its been a good journey. Being the last day I contemplated a lot of things from the past few weeks that took place. I've stayed away from meat products and most dairy products. I tried to do vegan when it was possible and when it wasn't I stuck to a vegetarian eating plan.

My other commitments didn't fare as well this past week. I'd love to blame the rain for my staying indoors alot and feeling like there was nothing else to do but watch tv or check my email on the internet. But I know I could have found other things to do when I got other activities done that I had scheduled to do.

God was faithful, even during the times I wasn't. He still provided in many ways when I failed in my commitments. It didn't mean that I could just blow off my commitments but that He is soveriegn. Its a word I had trouble understanding for quite a while. I'd heard it so many times but didn't understand its meaning. The best way to discribe it is that He is merciful. He knows our hearts and I learned through a time of devotion yesterday that when He knows our names, it means He knows our hearts. He knows our hurts and sorrows, and our joys and what makes us happy.
He knows that we do try to keep with our commitments but that circumstances arise due to the world that we are living in. There are times when we have to make a choice, and there are times when we have the choice made for us. My lack of commiting to my goals were my choice. Period. I admitted that to Him.

So tomorrow starts a new day. I'll do another fast, just not sure when. I had thought about doing one the three days in Arizona, as I want to hear God's word clearly, and to be encouraged in what He's called me to do.

I know I'm going to stick with the vegetarian lifestyle moreso now then I had in the past. Some meat will be added once in a while as I need the protein.

I did discover that by taking caffiene out for the past three weeks I've slept longer and deeper then I had prior. My dreams were much more vivid and I was able to remember most of them when I woke up in the morning. I believe that God does talk to us in dreams and its up to us to discern which are His and which are just dreams.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 14 of Daniel Fast

For the past two weeks I've had this nagging thought in the back of my head. I've had set backs on this fast, not in my food but in other areas that I said I wouldn't do. Not that the temptation was that strong, it was due to other things that came into play.

The thought that came to mind once in a while was that Daniel spent the three weeks camping out during his fast in continual prayer. He had his servants that were there with him during this time, but he was alone for the most part. God took care of him there and showed him visions of what would take place from that time to the events of today and beyond.

I know that some who are regular fasters would think that I didn't take this fast seriously. I did at first and I still am. My hard areas have been the weekends when I'm home with hubby, and its raining. I do have lots to do anyway and so watching tv isn't that hard to stay away from, but it is on most of the time during the weekend. I did finally give up this weekend of not sitting in front of the tv.

Its also hard to stay away from life as it goes on around you. People need things, you have to work, and you see people everywhere you go if you go outside of your home. And if you stay in your home for three weeks people start to think somethings wrong.

I guess the voice hear is someone that I admire for his fasting experiences. And I agree with that voice that I don't think as Americans we really know how to fast as they would in a third world country. For a person to say "I'm going to go and pray for three weeks" there would be more understandable then if I were to say it here. It would take scheduling, budgeting and other things to put into place before I take off by myself for that period of time.

I've listened to people commit to fasting for lunch but then at 2:00 stop and get something to eat.

Fasting is committing yourself to a sacrifice to hear God better. We allow so many things to distract us in our lives with ipods, tvs, cell phones and internet that we don't hear Him clearly. We nod and say "Amen" to something that we think is great that the pastor said that Sunday but we forget what the sermon was about after we've left the front doors to the church. (Ours was about our 1977 Birthday of the church).

Fasting means to give up that which controls you. If food controls you give it up and let the Lord sustain you. Do you know He commanded the ravens to bring food to Elijah? The ravens obeyed Him, why can't we? If your calendar is so full you can't even take time out to breath, toss it. He wants you, not your schedule.

I've got one more week on this fast. I'm sticking to it as its the goal I started. I'm considering and praying about the next one I do. Because that is the one I want to be able to hear God better as my goal then is to prepare me for my trip to Uganda in November. I want to be used by Him fully with no outside influences to deter me from what He is calling me to do while I am there.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 12 of Daniel Fast

I was thinking this morning that I had miscounted my days!

I'm still learning more of God's grace during this time. My two co horts on this fast with me I was hoping would add their two cents in but have yet to respond.

God has been working on their lives as well and showing them many things as to what He as in store for them, which was my prayer for them during this fast. It was exciting to get a text from one of them the other day saying "Guess what! We're going to Africa!" For a while she was struggling even though she knew God had said she was going.

The last few days have really been faith builders for me as I'm learning how to trust in Him and to see what His plan in the situation, and that His word is true.

In the past it was hard to stand for what I knew God was calling me to do when others were influencing me or circumstances were influencing me. I've chosen to stand firm in what He has said, and He has provided, not in a manner of what I was expecting. It falls in line with a quote that Bill Johnson stated "He manifests opposite to the manner of the day." I apply Proverbs 3:5-6 to that quote because really when we trust God, we can't lean on our own understanding. They are two different spheres. We have a small brain, God is the master of the universe. We can't comprehend past what we see and God is unmeasurable.

So today I admit I am struggling, but the struggle is mine, the temptations are ones that are easy to ignore, I just had a "tude" today. I'll get through it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 9 of Daniel Fast

I am reading Derek Prince's book "Shaping History through praying and fasting." As I read it I was praying through it for more power in my prayers for good government as that is the will of God. My for the week are prayers for misunderstandings to be resolved and for forgiveness on my part in those misunderstandings, and for guidance as I continually walk in faith in His will.

I worked last night so I didn't get to my bible study on time, and was woke up by a friend who needed to talk. It was one of the misunderstandings that I really needed clarification on and greatful for answered prayer.

When I arrived at the bible study a new lady was mouthing to me "thank you" several times. I was a little confused until she told me that her living conditions that I had been praying for had improved in the past week. Later I was told that the woman had seen me walking by her home and knew I had been praying for her (word gets around that you prayer walk in a small town!), and she could feel that God answered her prayers along that line as well.

God is showing me that even when there are times when I falter on my list of things I'm fasting from that He's not setting a hard and fast rule with me. He's still blessing me, and when I know that something is not something I'm to do I learn to walk away from it as its in line of what I am fasting over. My goal is to walk away from any idle talk, gossip and the like and it includes what I watch on Tv or respond to on the internet.

The other night I had tried to go to bed early as I had to work later that night but couldn't sleep. Hubby was watching a cute spy movie with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I decided to sit up and watch it with him. When it came to a scene like so many where the couples are rolling around on the floor I thought "great, now I got to leave!" I was starting to get up with Sean Connery said something about how he couldn't go through with anything more then the kiss, and I was thinking "This is so a God thing!" I was able to enjoy the rest of the movie in peace.

There are still many areas that are small areas still that I know God is going to break through in the next two weeks. I just have to stay focused and faithful. He will bring me through. He is that faithful to His word. I just have to stay faithful to mine.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 7 of Daniel Fast

I know I haven't posted in the last six days, but I've kept up with eating vegan/vegetarian during this time. We are on a limited budget and I've only been getting what I can afford when I go to the store so its been mostly one or two veggies for a stir fry for later in the week as I gather more veggies in the next day or two, lots of rice and beans, and a salad mix that I can get four servings out of one bag for 98 cents. I stopped eating tomatoes about mid week as I read that the acidicity level is not good for the stomach when making a change in the diet that quick. I've eaten vegan and vegetitarian most of the past year, but have faltered over cheeseburgers and such more times then not prior to this fast.

God is showing me many things during this time of having a reliance on Him. One thing He told me several weeks ago and He's reiterated it to me was that I was to only take a job by word of mouth.

Twice a couple of weeks ago I had the oppurtunity to apply at a local facitlity. I prayed over and over about it and the next day two people that I had worked for at Good Sam saw me and stated that working in home care field is the best for me as I was less stressed, I was more active and not as tired and wore out. Even the person I work for said the same thing. At that time was when I felt God saying to take jobs by word of mouth.

So last week I was praying while driving to Curves and asking God again if what I heard was correct. I have an application for another facility that is along the lines of home care that I'm praying if I should fill out. I was praying this as I was driving and when I got to Curves, went around one turn and a someone from my past came in. We had bought the restraurant from her several years ago and we were discussing our woes of owning it. She asked me what I was doing now. I told her of my working as a CNA and doing home care. She asked if I did and respite care, and I told her I did. She then said that she wanted someone that could take care of her mom while her and her brother went out a time or two. I was hired on the spot by her.

Earlier this week, I bought a recliner for 10 dollars for my husband. This was probably a splurge but it was needed as he didn't have anywhere to really sit as the couch he had had done its time. When the men were carrying it out from the mission, I thought I had seen a huge tear in the seat. I was going to say something but the conversation between them, my friend was where I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I was also calming down my friend as she was frustrated over another situation. Going home I know I was transfering a lot of my husband's frustration of he saw the tear, and I didn't know how to get rid of the couch as the misson didn't want it. I knew they didn't, but the man wanted to look at it to make sure which is why I took it down there.

As my friend was driving she was talking about her daughter who had just moved out. I asked if she wanted it. In five minutes her daughter and roomate had a "new" couch, and a board that made sitting in it a bit easier. (Yes, we could have used the board but that's not the point of the story!)

So we get the recliner home, and I'm thinking of the tear in the seat, and as hubby took the recliner out of the back of my friend's truck I looked and the seat was a flat as it could be with a slight crease in the seat! I was happy! We got it inside and it needed some major cleaning which I spent the rest of the day and part of the next day doing. What we thought was a bleach stain was something else that with a scrub brush came off, and there are some stains that I am still working on but its very close to being new!

Later I was praying about my desire to go to Prayerquake in Arizona. I've wanted to go for years but could never afford and this year is really no different.

One night I was praying and having a bit of a pity party as I get when I know God is going to bless me with something but I always think of someone else that needs it more. God hammered me on this and told me that I needed to take the blessing when it came.

So the next morning I get a phone call from a friend who said she would help with expenses if I could pay for the conference. I was like "Yeah!" I couldn't stop jumping up and down in my house and had to move around as we've had plumbing leaks for the past 10 years and not knowing what parts were the worst I didn't want to fall through!

Its been an exciting week as I see strongholds broken that have been rather stagnant over time. I've got two weeks to go. So excited to see God working!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day one of Daniel Fast

I worked last night so when I got off work this morning I went straight to bed. I did pray throughout the night for my co horts and myself for areas that we are praying about on our trip to Africa in November.

One big area that I see already is communication. Both of my friends communication in different ways, one prefers emails and the other doesn't. I have put it in email form for both so that its written down anyway.

I did clean up a lot around my home and went to Curves as planned. At noon I sat down and prayed again for my friends and for their families to see what we are seeing as we prepare for the trip.

I'm reading Derek Prince's book "Shaping History through prayer and fasting. He brings out a lot of things about how prayer and fasting combined hold back events that could be detrimental in our lives.

For those who don't know, The Daniel Fast is a vegan fast. There are different types of fasts in the Bible for different ways and for different meanings. The forty day fast Elijah and Christ participated in and that was mainly no food or water. The three day fast in Esther was also no food or drink and brought courage to the young lady to stand up to the king and risk her life for her people.

The Daniel Fast occured when Daniel decided to not eat anything any meat or sweets and no milk touched his lips. He fasted for 21 days and then an angel appeared to him and told him that he had been detained by the prince of Persia. It was by the assitance of the archangel Micheal that this angel was able to get away. What is also interesting is that no one but Daniel saw this angel. Those that were with him on the banks of the Tigris river had ran away and hid themselves, but could see nothing.

I feel that the Daniel fast was what we needed to participate in. There are obstacles that a couple of us are dealing with that we feel need a breakthrough.

So that was for today. The hardest part was that I'm so used to noise going on in my home that I was frustrated that neither my walkman nor my stereo could get Klove and I couldn't get it on the net today either. I did listen to the 3rd cd of a series on fasting from Bethel Church at Vista Point in Medford. It was very encouraging to listen to as I cleaned up around my house.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A fast for a breakthrough

I'm starting a fast tonight. It will be for the next 21 days.

In the last couple of weeks it was impressed on me to do one with some friends as we prepared our hearts for what God is calling us to do. I'll be using my blog as my journey during the fast as I concentrate on what God is showing me during this time.

I'm going back on a vegan eating plan, giving up tv and the internet with the exception of the blog, the emails of encouraging my friends on the fast with me and another prayer group that I'm involved in.

During the weekend I didn't realize that God had opened a door for me to have a more comfortable place to pray, next to my prayer garden. A friend and I dug (she dug more then I did!) and worked on an area for my bench to sit on using bricks in my backyard that were for a former walkway going nowhere. I'm finishing the project of the walkway this week and working on either a border for my prayer garden or a fence, I haven't decided which yet.

Fasting to me is a time of reflecting on who God is and also a time of breaking through something that has been a standstill, sitting on the edge of happening one way or another. Its the breaking down of strongholds that have inhibited a closer relationship with the Father. That is my goal.

It will be time of gaining better understanding of my children lessons as I'm writing without distractions that seem to encumber me.

I'll still be going to Curves every day to break the plateau I'm in and to lose extra pounds that crept up on me during a hiatus I took a few weeks ago when my body was reaking havoc on me.

So that's my plan.

This should prove to be an interesting journey.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He has found Favor in you

For a very long time God had been trying to get me to understand something and it wasn't until a situation that took place a couple of weeks ago did it finally sink in.

He has found favor in me.

The verse "We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God". Romans 3:23 I've known for years and quoted it when teaching kids about salvation in CEF. But I didn't have a clear picture of what it meant totally until I began studying to see how the two statements work together.

God's favor never leaves us once we know and trust Him. It is always there from the begining that we said that we believe that He gave us His Son to save us. Yes we sin as believers but His favor is with us forever. 1 John 1:9 states that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The world is a very tough and very judging place. But God's nature to us His children is not to judge us but to be just with us in our walk with Him when we stray. He's nature is to correct us when we confess to Him what we've done. God has found favor in us in what we do. He restores us by bringing His glory down to us as we have fallen short and can never reach it on our own.

The only time God's favor will ever leave us is when we turn our backs totally on Him and reject Him. I believe that He is ready to take back the offender who rejects Him up until the final breath that person takes on earth because of who God's nature is.

So know today that God has found favor in you, His child no matter what you are going through. He loves you with an everlasting love that will never cease as you are His creation and His desire is to bless you abundantly.