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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 7 of Daniel Fast

I know I haven't posted in the last six days, but I've kept up with eating vegan/vegetarian during this time. We are on a limited budget and I've only been getting what I can afford when I go to the store so its been mostly one or two veggies for a stir fry for later in the week as I gather more veggies in the next day or two, lots of rice and beans, and a salad mix that I can get four servings out of one bag for 98 cents. I stopped eating tomatoes about mid week as I read that the acidicity level is not good for the stomach when making a change in the diet that quick. I've eaten vegan and vegetitarian most of the past year, but have faltered over cheeseburgers and such more times then not prior to this fast.

God is showing me many things during this time of having a reliance on Him. One thing He told me several weeks ago and He's reiterated it to me was that I was to only take a job by word of mouth.

Twice a couple of weeks ago I had the oppurtunity to apply at a local facitlity. I prayed over and over about it and the next day two people that I had worked for at Good Sam saw me and stated that working in home care field is the best for me as I was less stressed, I was more active and not as tired and wore out. Even the person I work for said the same thing. At that time was when I felt God saying to take jobs by word of mouth.

So last week I was praying while driving to Curves and asking God again if what I heard was correct. I have an application for another facility that is along the lines of home care that I'm praying if I should fill out. I was praying this as I was driving and when I got to Curves, went around one turn and a someone from my past came in. We had bought the restraurant from her several years ago and we were discussing our woes of owning it. She asked me what I was doing now. I told her of my working as a CNA and doing home care. She asked if I did and respite care, and I told her I did. She then said that she wanted someone that could take care of her mom while her and her brother went out a time or two. I was hired on the spot by her.

Earlier this week, I bought a recliner for 10 dollars for my husband. This was probably a splurge but it was needed as he didn't have anywhere to really sit as the couch he had had done its time. When the men were carrying it out from the mission, I thought I had seen a huge tear in the seat. I was going to say something but the conversation between them, my friend was where I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I was also calming down my friend as she was frustrated over another situation. Going home I know I was transfering a lot of my husband's frustration of he saw the tear, and I didn't know how to get rid of the couch as the misson didn't want it. I knew they didn't, but the man wanted to look at it to make sure which is why I took it down there.

As my friend was driving she was talking about her daughter who had just moved out. I asked if she wanted it. In five minutes her daughter and roomate had a "new" couch, and a board that made sitting in it a bit easier. (Yes, we could have used the board but that's not the point of the story!)

So we get the recliner home, and I'm thinking of the tear in the seat, and as hubby took the recliner out of the back of my friend's truck I looked and the seat was a flat as it could be with a slight crease in the seat! I was happy! We got it inside and it needed some major cleaning which I spent the rest of the day and part of the next day doing. What we thought was a bleach stain was something else that with a scrub brush came off, and there are some stains that I am still working on but its very close to being new!

Later I was praying about my desire to go to Prayerquake in Arizona. I've wanted to go for years but could never afford and this year is really no different.

One night I was praying and having a bit of a pity party as I get when I know God is going to bless me with something but I always think of someone else that needs it more. God hammered me on this and told me that I needed to take the blessing when it came.

So the next morning I get a phone call from a friend who said she would help with expenses if I could pay for the conference. I was like "Yeah!" I couldn't stop jumping up and down in my house and had to move around as we've had plumbing leaks for the past 10 years and not knowing what parts were the worst I didn't want to fall through!

Its been an exciting week as I see strongholds broken that have been rather stagnant over time. I've got two weeks to go. So excited to see God working!

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