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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 12 of Daniel Fast

I was thinking this morning that I had miscounted my days!

I'm still learning more of God's grace during this time. My two co horts on this fast with me I was hoping would add their two cents in but have yet to respond.

God has been working on their lives as well and showing them many things as to what He as in store for them, which was my prayer for them during this fast. It was exciting to get a text from one of them the other day saying "Guess what! We're going to Africa!" For a while she was struggling even though she knew God had said she was going.

The last few days have really been faith builders for me as I'm learning how to trust in Him and to see what His plan in the situation, and that His word is true.

In the past it was hard to stand for what I knew God was calling me to do when others were influencing me or circumstances were influencing me. I've chosen to stand firm in what He has said, and He has provided, not in a manner of what I was expecting. It falls in line with a quote that Bill Johnson stated "He manifests opposite to the manner of the day." I apply Proverbs 3:5-6 to that quote because really when we trust God, we can't lean on our own understanding. They are two different spheres. We have a small brain, God is the master of the universe. We can't comprehend past what we see and God is unmeasurable.

So today I admit I am struggling, but the struggle is mine, the temptations are ones that are easy to ignore, I just had a "tude" today. I'll get through it.

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