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Friday, April 27, 2012


Each of us will be on a journey or several journeys in our lifetime. And like a snowflake has many different facets and no two are alike, it is the same with a journey.  Even  if the topic is the same, the lessons learned will be totally different because we will be at different levels based on our gene make up, upbringing and other factors that take place.

As I continue to learn about the God that I talk to on a daily basis, there is always something  new about Him and no one in a lifetime could fathom the charactor of God.

Protecting the soul

Early this fall God wanted me to do a study on "Lover of my Soul".  I've always loved this term and events over the summer months drew me to a time to study this topic.  As I listen to this topic by Kim Clement and over the last few months from Creflo Dollar (I'll post links from him when I find them online).

The only way to have our souls in alignment with God is through obedience.  Kim shares some vices/virtues that I'll post here to give a starting point in  begining to restore our souls to be in alignment with God.

Vice: Lust
Virtue: Chastity

Vice: Glutney
Virture: Temperance

Vice: Greed
Virture: Charity

Virtue: Do it right now

Virture: Patience

Vice: Envy
Virtue Kindness

Vice: Pride
Virtue: Humility