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Friday, April 27, 2012

Protecting the soul

Early this fall God wanted me to do a study on "Lover of my Soul".  I've always loved this term and events over the summer months drew me to a time to study this topic.  As I listen to this topic by Kim Clement and over the last few months from Creflo Dollar (I'll post links from him when I find them online).

The only way to have our souls in alignment with God is through obedience.  Kim shares some vices/virtues that I'll post here to give a starting point in  begining to restore our souls to be in alignment with God.

Vice: Lust
Virtue: Chastity

Vice: Glutney
Virture: Temperance

Vice: Greed
Virture: Charity

Virtue: Do it right now

Virture: Patience

Vice: Envy
Virtue Kindness

Vice: Pride
Virtue: Humility


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