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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another wake up call

2013 started out with making some new changes in my relationship with my husband and also in learning to accept the person that he sees and as God sees.

Earlier this week,while I was doing something I felt this yearning to think back to high school when there were things I would do like others my age in as far as dressing and make up and such.  I remember how self-conscience I was during that time because I felt I would never be able to stand up to the mocking and such as I was learning. 

This week God showed me that it was my right as a young woman to take care of the person that He created.  I had fought for years because I had taken on the things that were said that make up wouldn't help that the ways I was taking care of who I was then I laid aside. 

Over the years I still kept fighting a healthy lifestyle because in the back of my mind I felt "what did it matter?"  I didn't know that it was still something that I was fighting in me for most of my life. 

I have seen that God is waking me up to rise up to be the woman He created.  That even though the teen years were just that, teen years.  It truly doesn't declare or decree the person that God had created in me.  Not that I hung on to those things, but it had been going since that time and buried deep into my inner being.

Working with DAG and  Days for Girls and the things we are teaching the young girls to be women of purpose for God and for their country I've been more aware how this area if my life is changing.  Its a good change.

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