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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Journey

It may not be a new one, but still more of learning to seek His Heart.  I'm coming off of one where for the past six weeks I've been trusting God in something, learning to walk on water so to speak and keeping my eyes on Jesus and walking in His footsteps across the wide body of water. 

In it I learned so much and so many doors have opened because of learning to trust Him.  Things over the past few decades that have been harboring my soul have been lifted mainly what was considered guilt and condemnation that I had buried deep had been removed and I've been learning to replace that with feeling of trust and regenerating feelings that were shoved out due to insecurities. 

I'm in a study mode, and also making changing in my life style to better my health and life.  (I will start adding things on my biggermess.blogspot.com blog that I'm doing in that area.

This however is the blog about my spiritual journey in seeking the heart of God.  I'm in an online bible study http://onlineschoolofprayer.webs.com/ and learning more about being a prayer warrior. 

A few months ago I heard in my spirit that my assignment was to be a pray warrior for the thing of the church, in other words a Maid of Honor to the Bride so to speak (there are several in the category).  This study is helping me in learning how to pray God's heart for His Bride.  There are so many things He desires for Her!

Something that was said to me recently was that  some don't hear God like I do.  God talks to us all the time.  At a conference a year or so ago I felt as if God had been saying the same things over and over again over our lives and yet we only get bits and pieces of it because we are not at a level to comprehend it fully.  Like an infant who as they grow first crawls then walks and continues to learn new things as they continue on with their curiosity.  Its the same with us.  The more we learn and get closer to Him the more He will reveal to us.  He talks to us all the time.  We just are learning how to listen! 

We are each made in His image, and keep in mind His image is many facets, which means that the way am seeking His heart may not work for you.  God has so many different personalities that it makes since that what one does to seek His heart won't work for others. 

Its like when my daughter gives gift to her dad she knows what will bless her father's heart.  For me she knows what will bless mine.  God is the same way. 

This is a short version of what I've learned in the past six weeks.  But God is good.  And I'll share more.

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