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Thursday, November 3, 2016

This may be a little rough.....

I am on a tangent. I think this has been coming for a while.

I've shared about an event in June of 2015 where I put myself in time out from the church. I'm still there in some ways.

I learned a lot from why there is a group of church drop outs and why there is so much of it has to do with what the world calls hypocritical on our part and I really don't blame them.

In their world we serve a bipolar God. We claim we know Him when we really don't. We say we spend time with Him yet we are using that time to tell Him what we want rather then listening to His heart (which we claim to do).

In their world they see a bunch of people doing their own thing claiming God “told them” when it is totally against what He would do and against His nature.

We’ve kicked Jesus out of the church. So is it any wonder that the drop outs have “found Him” and are doing things outside the building? Yet the world can't accept Him In this manner without asking “what church do you belong to?” as where are they going to blame for our actions  as we are not in a building anymore?

As believers in Christ we are not perfect. Yet we decide what worship in on our level and what we will use that benefits us and not God. It's about God and only Him! So what if we spend two hours singing the same thing over and over again? The Angels are doing it 24/7 because there is no time in Heaven.

We’ve also kicked out the Holy Spirit from the church building as well. Talk about a bipolar personality, one minute He’s a gentleman and then next He’s got you on the floor unable to move a muscle but screaming from the top of you lungs “Holy Holy Holy!” Not to mention He’s breaking down the junk that has kept us entangled to not worship the Holy of Holies as we were meant to do.

This is church people! Our common denominator Jesus allowed Himself to shed His blood for us to rid of the junk that kept us from Seeking after God! And He conquered death, grabbed the keys from hell and restored mankind by conquering death that took place in the Garden in the beginning! When Christ ascended He gave use the Holy Spirit to comfort us to fill us to do the work of spreading the Good news and healing the sick and raising the dead.

We missed it when we started changing the plan and deciding what was “best” and using these three as a cornerstone that They never wanted.

We wonder why there is so much offense in the church and yet we continue to beat up the ones serving Him because they don't fit the criteria.


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