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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


About 7 months ago our church went through a change. Our pastor resigned and we all felt as if we lost our best friend. It was a bittersweet journey that I hope to never take again. Through the interm time I chose to take the time off to be a church drop out.  I discovered it was a good thing.

During that time I followed the blog posts of Praying Medic, Jesse Birkley, Jeremy Mangercine and others while I learned more about walking the earth using Kingdom techniques. I also enjoyed the quiet Sunday mornings with my husband.

We have a new pastor now and he's cleaning house and has been hitting out of the ball park with his teachings,  bringing us back to unity and seeking the heart of God.

Seasons are needed for growth. We need them no matter how hard they are going to be whether we think they are right or not. Sometimes we get in a rut and have to be broken so we can be more used by God for His purpose.

My sour pit that came on the day our pastor resigned is slowly dissolving. It will take time as for nine years I was finally home. I could be the me God wanted me to be with no holds barred and "be bold".

I wasn't sure what lay ahead but I knew that where Pastor D left off that the new pastor would take up the mantle that was dropped. Basically a modern Elijah and Elisha.

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