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Monday, July 4, 2011

"six of one, half dozen of another"

Its funny how things stick with us as we continue to grow in Christ and we use the events of circumstances to prove our point.  However if you take a closer look its not the circumstances so much as our reaction to it. 

I've listened to people say of another that when they go through struggle after struggle for what could be years, that they didn't hear from God properly, where as if a non believer is going through the same thing, we don't think anything of it, and we look at it as a way of life.  We seem to spiritualize things in our lives that really don't need any spiritualizing to it as its just life.

Its our attitude that makes the difference.  About a week ago I had a breaking point.  It seems we've been rowing the boat in the same direction for the past several years as its continuing to sink, but when we find the leak cover it and get a little farther, there's another leak.   I thought there could be another way out.  Like a friend said to me earlier,  "six of one, half dozen of another".   There always is another way, but there will still be struggles and circumstances to deal with because its life.

We all go through the same disappointments, the same issues of either computer crashing, bathrooms flooding, cars not starting, ect.  Its not that the event is God saying that we aren't suppose to do something and its a road block, its what is our attitude going to be through the circumstances?  Our we going to mope and whine, or even sit back and not do anything with the attitude that God will provide?   I do believe that God will provide in any circumstance for anyone who calls on Him, but we need to still be active and not hide in a cave. 

We are so conditioned to tell others how wrong they are.  Yet we don't look beyond to what we are seeing.  We aren't trusting each other to what they are saying and too quick to judge their actions with out knowing what they are truly doing . 

We even set ourselves up to something that we aren't when you look at Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist and even Jesus Himself as they walked the earth sharing the Word of God they weren't living a cushy life.  Even those that they were ministering too were not living cushy lifes.  They struggled, but each of the prophets and Christ offered something that would help the struggle seem not so bad.  God did take care of the people even through their struggles and blessed them for their obedience.  And it was in the attitude.

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