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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Walk in Me"

When I was at Bethel in January, my friend Holly and I had recieved a Word together. For me I sometimes have to have it point blank, like if God was talking to me He would say "On thurs at 3 pm I will kiss you on your right cheek." Now that I understand clearly.

So when this Word (rheama) was given, it was long and vast and I was listening intently. Holly understood right then.

I had to ponder it for a while on our way back to Brookings from Redding. Here is what I discovered.

While I was in Uganda, I had no worries about what to eat, where sleep or what I was doing that day. It was all planned out. I just had to walk in the plan that was set out. This was what I understood the Word spoken to mean.

I was to take it to the next level of faith. Trust in Him alone for all things. Trust in Him alone as to where I would sleep at night, what I would eat, where I would go. Walk in His footsteps that He's walked before me.

I'm am seeing first hand now what He is meaning. I've watched God show me confirmation after confirmation that I am walking in His steps. He is taking care of it all.

The other day I was thinking how this is possible as there are times when I feel that I am walking with one foot in Heaven and another here on earth. Heaven's viewpoint usually becomes clearer when I take that step of faith here on earth. The walk is usually unbalanced at first but then God conforms the walk to be straight and even as He reveals His plan each day.

Uganda was a step of faith. I had to walk on earth daily, trusting what God told me He would do. It was a hard journey to go through, but in the end it was worth it. People said I had my head in the clouds, and I did, and God provided! It was His plan!

So today, as I'm musing over events, its God's plan. He already has walked in it and set His footsteps for me to follow in. Its in His steps that I walk.

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  1. Wow! Total opposite of me in Uganda where I was worried about what I was going to eat, drink (ran out of water) and sleep. :P