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Monday, January 11, 2010

My daughter

Normally I refrain from talking about my daughter and her antics but I felt I need to just so people know the truth.

She is a wonderful daughter and we couldn't be more blessed. As I was once told when she decided to leave church for a while "She is finding her God." I had trouble with that statement at first but then I began to understand it.

God is God. He will always be God. But when you look at Him as a Father, there is a different component to Him. My experiences in my life are not going to be her experiences. What she learns in life will gain her knowledge in God that I will never know.

She's smart and she knew since a young age that drugs were not going to be in her life. She's not a health nut but she does try to eat so that her blood sugar doesn't go out of wack. I say this because sometimes people generalize kids when they walk away that they will get into trouble. I'm sure there are things that she's done that we don't know about, but I know that drugs aren't one of them.

She's honest. If she knows she can't do something, she'll tell you. However as a mom, I could see things that she could do even though she would say she couldn't do them.

She's loyal and faithful and trusting. If she says she's going to do something 9 times out of 10 she will. The one time she doesn't, something came up that she didn't plan on.

When Dani graduated from highschool she didn't leave much behind, but she did gain and take with her great qualities to start off life in this enriching world. God speed my child.

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